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Can Zakat Be Paid To Non Muslims?

Zakat is an Islamic act of worship and the sole purpose of Zakat is to eradicate poverty and famine in the Muslim community. Zakat plays an important part in the lives of all Muslims as it is mandatory for all Muslims who are relatively rich to give 2.5 percent of their wealth each year to those […]

Mistakes Muslims Make In Paying Zakat Al Fitr

What motivated me to write about the mistakes that Muslims make when paying their Zakat Al Fitr is that there is a considerable amount of people who repeat those mistakes. That is mostly because they do are not aware and are not well versed with the Islamic rules and obligations of Zakat Al Fitr. Zakat […]

Who Are the Recipients of Zakat?

If one is clear about Zakat, its rules and how to calculate the amount of goods they are liable to pay, now is the time to learn about who the Zakat should be given to. ALLAH SWT says that “Sadaqat are only for the poor who do not beg and the poor who beg and those […]

Rules of Zakat in Islam

A lot of people are confused about whether they are eligible to pay for the Zakat or not as they are not clear about what are the exact rules of Zakat. Zakat is a delicate matter and is calculated on the wealth of all individuals who have owned a certain amount of gold, silver or […]

Zakat On Jewellery

A lot of people have different opinions about paying Zakat on their jewellery and sometimes are of the perception that jewellery worn on a daily basis is not liable to be included for the Zakat amount. How does one calculate the Zakat amount on gold? If the jewellery is the property of the woman then […]

Muslim Orphan Sponsorship: Are You Doing Your Part?

Losing loved ones at an early age is a traumatic experience, especially when those are your parents. There are hundreds of thousands of children living in orphanages around the world. In countries where the elements of war, famine and poverty are very common, many children are orphaned. They are left alone, hungry and homeless, looking […]

What Is Zakat And Who Is Bound To Pay It?

Islam preaches about helping those out who are in need. In order to simplify the process of providing help to the poorest people, our religion has given us the concept of Zakat. ‘Zakaat’ is essentially wilful donation that someone makes in order to help the poor and to fulfil their own religious responsibility. Muslims who […]